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Magnetic Suction Charging Tooth Washing

Magnetic Suction Charging Tooth Washing

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Sparkling Smile Awaits

Get ready for the freshest, healthiest teeth of your life with our White Tooth Punch! This powerful water flosser is your ticket to a dazzling smile that's free from food debris and lurking bacteria.
Revolutionary Cleaning Power: Choose from Normal, Gentle, or Pulse modes and let the White Tooth Punch unleash a water pressure range of 30 to 100 psi. With water frequencies soaring up to 1800 times per minute, say goodbye to hidden gunk and say hello to a thorough and efficient clean for your teeth, gums, and every little fissure.

360° Deep Clean Magic

Our detachable 360° rotating nozzle is a game-changer. Dive deep into cavity prevention, plaque control, tartar management, and more. Whether you're sporting braces, dental implants, or simply aiming for that Hollywood-worthy grin, this water flosser is your secret weapon.

Key Features

  • Powerful Cleaning Modes: Choose from Normal, Gentle, or Pulse modes, with water pressure ranging from 30 to 100 psi for a thorough and customized teeth-cleaning experience.
  • 360° Rotating Nozzle: The detachable nozzle offers deep cleaning with a 360° rotation, catering to various dental needs such as cavity prevention, plaque control, and gum care.
  • Large Capacity Water Tank: The spacious water tank eliminates the need for frequent refills during your flossing routine, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted oral care session.

Splash-Proof Brilliance

 IPX7 waterproof technology meets your bathroom needs. Clean with confidence, knowing our leakage-proof design keeps you safe. With an enclosed waterproof body, maintaining hygiene is a breeze. Embrace a worry-free, leak-free brushing experience.


Item Type: Dental Oral Irrigator
Material: ABS, silicone
Applicable People: People over 8 years old
Water Tank Capacity: 350ml
Waterproof Rating: IPX7
Built-in Lithium Battery: 2000mAh (Included)
Function: Clean gums, clean up between teeth, prevent tooth decay, can effectively remove dental plaque, prevent gingivitis, reduce gum bleeding

Endless Clean, Zero Fuss

Bid farewell to frequent refills with our large-capacity water tank. Your flossing session just got more efficient. And with the convenience of portability, take the White Tooth Punch wherever you go—home, travel, business trips, school—making dental care a breeze in any setting. Get ready for a grin that steals the spotlight—order your White Tooth Punch today!
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